Date: 20-06-2018
Time Action Location
TLC - Ashmore Road Campus
Ashmore Road - near Macquarie Avenue
Macquarie Avenue
Crestwood Drive - near Lockwood Drive
Olsen Avenue - near Griffith University
Wintergreen Drive - near Henry Cotton Drive
Henry Cotton Drive - near Lakewood Court
Henry Cotton Drive - near Floyd Court
Parkwood Boulevard - near Arnold Palmer Drive
Arnold Palmer Drive - near OMeara Court
Parkwood Boulevard - near Koala Street
Parkwood Boulevard - near Kel Nagel Court
Napper Road  - near Arundel Primary School
Napper Road - near Tea Tree Boulevard
Arundel Drive - no stops
Neri Crescent
Arun Avenue - near Neri Crescent
Arundel Drive - near AB Patterson College
Gold Coast Hwy - near Marble Arch Place
Discovery Drive - near the service station
Discovery Drive - near Helensvale High School
Helensvale Road near St James Care
Entertainment Road - near Wet n Wild
Binstead Way
Manra Way - near Binstead Way
Rimatara Rise
Victoria Drive - near Osmond Ct
Hillary Circuit - near Victoria Drive
Salvado Drive - near Tuggeranong Avenue
Pitcairn Way - near Salvado Parade
Pitcairn Way - near Skate Park
Gaven Arterial Road
Riverstone Crossing - near the Roundabout
Maudsland Road - near Cobb and Co Drive
Tamborine - Oxenford Road
Reserve Road - near Herbert Street
Reserve Road - near Rose Valley Drive
Reserve Road - near Old Coach Road
Reserve Road - near Hargraves Road
Heathwood Drive
Pacific Motorway
Smith Street